Saturday, February 21, 2009

July 6

We had our last fertility appointment on July 5, and were saddened by the results.

Then, we went to church on Sunday, the 6th. Our friend, Troy, had just gotten back from Uganda, and we had not really had a chance to see him or talk to him about the trip...but we were fairly sure that he had seen Bakhita.

After the service, we were hugging friends, when Troy came up and blurted out (no "thinking before speaking" filter in place) "I saw Bakhita, and she has been cleared for adoption. Her dad gave his permission and you can go adopt her."

It was a good thing that I was standing next to my loving, supportive and equally excited husband, because my reaction would rival any "burst into tears crying scene" from some teeny-bopper movie. He simply hugged me, held me and whispered in my ear "Let's go get our girl." So, we are!

Hence, this blog! :)

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