Monday, February 16, 2009

Going Back

So, to continue the story of how we came to this place of adopting Bakhita...we traveled back to Bweya a few days after that first meeting.

I had found a few small outfits and some baby food for her. When we got there, our main job was to paint the orphange (which, I could write a small book would be called "How not to Paint," but that is for another time.)

Anyway, after our painting, I tracked Bakhita down. It was so great to see her again, and she remembered me. I took her in my arms, and introduced her to everyone else on my team, including my parents, her future grandparents. Even then, I loved her and knew that her face would haunt my dreams for months to come. That I would never forget her face.

After a while of playing, I took her to a place where I could give her the things that I had found for her. I put a new outfit on her- it was green and pink, and clean. As I put the hat, shirt and shorts on her tiny body, she just got the biggest smile. I stood her up to admire her, and the shorts fell right down. Her small frame could not even hold the size 12 month shorts.

We visited with Naphtali, an young man who grew up at Bweya, and was now working there. I showed him the baby food and the importance of giving it to her every day. He assured me that he would feed her. He also said that she would never forget getting that outfit on that day, because we made her look smart.

We left the home shortly after that moment. It was very difficult to leave her there. She had truly captured my heart, in a way that no other child had.

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Resilient Hawk said...

Beautiful daughter you have, Charity.